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Online Shopping Cart - (Easiest and safest method)

This is the easiest method for ordering from our site. In a nutshell, you pick the items that you want to order and the system automatically totals your order. Once you fill out payment and shipping information the correct shipping charge will be displayed and upon your confirmation the order is processed. You will receive a confirmation E-mail regarding your order shortly after completion.The shopping cart system provides the newest technology in secure ordering to protect our customers against fraud. We are confident that your credit card number and personal information are highly secure. Our ordering system uses a "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) security system, which is widely accepted as the Internet security standard. When you submit your credit card number, it is encrypted, meaning your information is encoded and secure as it travels across the Internet. If you still have hesitations about sending your credit card number you can always select.

#1 - Can I place my order over the phone?
Yes, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to process your order. We operate our business on our cell phones and it is safer to place your order through our secure website.

#2 - Why did my original gears fail?
The original material used to manufacture your odometer gears was urethane and lubricated with petroleum grease. The grease overtime turns the gear in to a waxy material and fails. Even the original replacement gears were packaged with grease and changing the new gear to a waxy substance while sitting on a shelf waiting to be installed.

#3 - Will your gears last longer than the original?
We had the help of speedometer shops from across the country when researching a material that will be a permanent repair for your vehicle. We found and manufacture our odometer gears using an acetal plastic with the trade name Celcon®. This material has excellent resistance to moisture, a wide range of chemicals, oils, greases and solvents. It also offers high strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range with low wear and is self lubricating by design. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and are confident that the products we manufacture and sell will give you years of trouble free service.

#4 - Do I need to apply grease to my odometer gears?
Grease is not recommended unless it is stated in the how to instructions (Mercedes-Benz 126 chassis only)

#5 - How long will it take to receive my order?
US orders will generally take two to four days (non-guaranteed) with Priority mail and one to two days guaranteed to most US locations with Express Mail.

Both APO and FPO addresses have varying delivery times.

Non-US orders vary in time depending on shipping option selected. Standard shipping will vary from two to three weeks on average. This is greatly dependent on the time it take customs in your country to clear the package for delivery. Even with a Next Day Air package it can still take a week or longer for delivery as the package still has to clear customs and this can take a few days to a week or longer.

#6 - When will my order ship?
We ship orders Monday through Friday. Postal orders need to be received by 5:00pm EST and FedEx by 4:00pm EST. These are our pickup times for both venders.

#7 - How do I cancel my order?
Send us an email and we will make every effort to cancel the order before it is shipped. If we cannot stop the shipment in time you will need to request RMA # to return the unused parts once received.

#8 - How do I track my package?
Orders that shipped with FedEx or Express Mail (only) have tracking numbers. All other shipping options have no way to track the location. This is why Odometer Gears highly recommends those as our preferred shipping options.

#9 - I need advice on how to repair my broken part.
First we only know about the products we manufacture and sell. Please listen and accept the advice that we give you as this is what we know. If we do not know an answer we will do our best to locate a correct one for you.

FedEx Services:
Odometer Gears Ltd. recommends FedEx as a preferred shipper due to the ease of insuring and tracking your package. We offer all of FedEx services.

United States Postal Service Priority Mail

United States Postal Service Express Mail
Priority mail typically provides 2-4 days (non-guaranteed) delivery while Express Mail guarantees 1-2 day delivery to most USA locations. Both deliver to APO/FPO addresses with varying delivery times.
Odometer Gears Ltd. ships via FedEx and USPS.

Please refer to holiday schedules for any possible delays.