fuel level sensor

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Ideal for any boat owner that wants to accurately measure:
Gas; Diesel/Biodiesel; 2 or 4 stroke oil and know if water has settled to the bottom of the tank.

Now installed on John Boy's 32 foot Donzi ZF
(John Boy and Billy Big Show)

This short video shows one of the first prototypes tested. The final version is being field tested right now. It will stand about 1 1/4 inches high by 4 inches wide. New photos will be uploaded as the final version is completed.

Click here to view prototype test(2.3 megs low res)
(This is the first generation prototype. We are in the third form of prototyping now. The latest version is called the Tidewater Sensor 1500 or TS1500)

With Ethanol gas (E10) here to stay, everyone with a boat will need to address the problem of water in the bottom of their tank. Optimax and Yamaha can sense water molecules coming in with the gas. What good are you with an engine that cut out while you are on the water? We are looking at water that settles in the bottom when it becomes saturated and passively giving you an alarm BEFORE you leave the docks. We have come up with a very simple, safe and proven product with a state of the art fuel sensor.

Have you heard the stories? Has it happened to you? Your fuel gauge reads full but your tank is dry. Or, your engine starts losing power? This system will be your first line of defense against damaging your expensive motor and leaving you stranded.

What is the TS1500

Comparing the TS1500 to an existing float system that can be found in most boats
Float System or capacitance sensors
Measures level very accurately
Senses water in gas/oil/diesel
Uses Specially formulated rubber gasket to withstand Ethanol
Linear measurement (straight up and down)

Truly digital (Can be calibrated for any shape tank)
No moving parts
No electronics in the tank
No connections at sensor to ground out
Easy to calibrate and will fit all tanks 3 to 24 inches

Reads several data points/sec to avoid fluctuations in tank reading
Used with any existing gauge (240 or 90 ohm) and wire harness including Mercury Smart Gauges and multifunction
24 hour, on the phone support
20 year warranty on probe 5 years on control box
Measures level only roughly
Senses only the fluid level in the tank
Cork w/butyl mix -- Ethanol has started to eat the material and leak
Non-linear measurement (a swinging arm. Your tank will stay on "F" longer and then move faster towards "E"). Some are Linear but are analog
Analog only (Can only measure square tank and not accurately)
Moving parts or plastic that can crack and leak burning it out
Must have 12 volt source in the tank to work
Has either two or three contact posts that must be covered because of grounding w/saltwater
Have to order to specific length and bend rod
+/- 1/4 of a tank or more fluctuations or gauge is dampened
Needs to be in a specific ohm rate to operate

If your mechanic will answer the phone
No warranty on electrical parts
 There are also capacitance type probes that can do similar sensing   The big difference is the center of their unit is 1/2 a tank. If your tank isn't square, you can adjust the TS1500 to where you like it. Also, they have to have the power in the sending unit and can only give you an all full warning if water is sensed. If you are filling up your tank, what good is a "Full" reading for water sensing? Ours gives you an audible alarm and a swinging fuel needle for visual.

We are not building another gimmick boat item. There are enough on the market today. We want to offer to the boat owner a quality product that is built from the ideas gathered from other boaters. Please send us comments back so we can continue to improve on the unit. We want your input. Maybe you can test the final version for us and offer your feelings back to the others as an independent view point. Call or email us anytime at hamonbagel@yahoo.com --- 757-593-3478

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